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Practical, Hands-on Engineered Solutions


Northern Shield provides welding engineering services for structural, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and pressure applications.


Welding Engineering services include:

  • CSA W47.1, W47.2 & W186 retainer services for fabrication & manufacturing industries
  • Preparation of AWS weld procedures for manufacturing applications
  • Preparation of ASME pressure welding procedures for all materials and processes
  • Preparation of pipeline weld procedures to CSA Z662
  • Weld failure investigations
  • Weld repair procedures to all types of mobile and industrial equipment including mobile cranes, man-lifts, forklifts, de-icing equipment, fire truck aerial ladders, mining equipment, ROPS/FOPS
  • Weld repair procedures for pressure vessels,  pressure piping, and tanks
  • Weld repair procedures for steel bridges (highway & railway

Northern Shield provides welding & brazing examiner services for ASME Welder Licenses for the Office of Fire Commissioner (OFC) in Manitoba.

Our services are mobile in nature, so we come to test welders at a location/facility that is suitable for them.

Welding Examiner services include:

  • Welder & brazer testing for all processes and materials.
  • Portable bend tester available for testing weld samples at time of testing.
  • Pipe  coupons available for purchase (6" Sch. 80, 2" Sch. XXS, 2" Sch. 160)


Northern Shield provides specialized construction-related structural analysis and design services.



Structural services include:

  • Structural design of all metals, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel & other alloy materials.
  • Structural design of concrete & timber
  • ​Design of structural steel connections for shop & field fabrication

  • Design, fatigue life evaluation, and inspection of overhead crane and crane runway  systems
  • Design of below-the-hook lifting devices
  • Design of engineered lift procedures for tandem crane & other critical construction installations
  • Design of safety systems, shoring, and scaffolding
  • Demolition procedures, including explosives demolition
  • Design of fall protection systems
  • Finite element analysis
  • Forensic failure analysis
Steel fabrication drawing services:
NSEL can supply shop fabrication and erection drawings for structural and miscellaneous steel projects up to 50 tons.
NSEL can also review customer supplied drawings for design of connections.


Northern Shield can provide visual inspection & quality assurance services on structural steel, mobile cranes & industrial/mining equipment.


Northern Shield develops and implements engineered repair procedures for damaged equipment and structures, and certifies the safe return to service of cranes and repaired industrial equipment.


Northern Shield can also provide full third-party QA/QC services for all types of welded fabrication.


Some of the items inspected are as follows:


Structural Steel

  • Shop fabrication and field erection of steel structures constructed to CSA S16 or CSA W59.

  • Shop fabrication and field erection of steel highway or rail bridge structures to CSA S6, AASHT0 & AAR requirements.

  • Quality assurance inspections for owners.


Mobile Cranes

  • Conventional Cranes and Telescoping Cranes to CSA Z150

  • Knuckle-Boom Cranes to CSA Z150.3

  • Crane accident investigations

  • Engineered procedures and oversight operations required to safely upright overturned cranes.

Shop Crane and Runway Inspection

  • Overhead, Jibs, Monorails & Gantry and runways to CSA B167 and CMAA

  • Below the hook lifting devices to ASME B30.20

  • Consult on remedial actions to rectify overhead crane operational and maintenance problems

  • Specialize in assessing and extending remaining crane & runway service life, performing service class rating and capacity upgrades.

Industrial Mining Equipment

Inspection and repair procedures for all types of mine equipment, including:

  • Mill process equipment, such as ball and rod mills

  • Underground equipment, such as transport skips, ROPS/FOPS, scoops, dump boxes and underground elevated booms.

  • Process tanks and ore strorage bins

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